About Me

Photo by PYXD, 2017

Hi, I’m Jeremy. I have been married for a bit over twenty years to my lovely wife.  Somehow we have successfully raised three children; this led us to decide to adopt two puppies because evidently we missed the stress of raising toddlers and decided to up our game by adding fangs and claws.

I own and operate a few businesses:

  • Cohesive Logic provides Managed Services and IT outsourcing for small-to-medium businesses throughout the US.
  • vCIO Now provides a blend of management and technology consulting that is marketed towards businesses that lack in-house IT leadership but don’t require outsourced IT.
  • BFYTW Co. dabbles in various media and is mostly dormant.
  • VPS Northwest offers KVM VPS hosting in the Pacific Northwest. Currently in testing and looking to launch Q4/18.

I also tinker with a few things that are of personal interest to me:

  • Cascadia is an online social network running Mastodon and connected to the fediverse. Registrations are open for anyone who wants to join.
  • Cooking With Jeremy is something I’ve been meaning to do for a long time. As of today there isn’t anything there, but I’m sure I’ll get around to posting some recipes eventually.

I used to have years of archived blog posts before I realized how much my views, opinions, and interests in life have changed. On this site I’ll write about the things that interest me now: self improvement, business, politics, anarcho-capitalism, cooking, and self-reliance.

You can follow me social media below. I don’t have a Facebook account anymore because I have decided they are evil.